The creative genius is viewed from a very complex perspective. Let me search for this lone genius. Is he real or just a myth? He may be a vision of solitary artist, a product of his environment, a combination of his genetic make up, etc.– still a lone genius revered by many, as he is a cut above all else. A very romantic picture in the minds of people who greatly need heroes in an era of disenchantment.

Couldn’t he possibly be a part of a bigger picture? After all, human beings are social creature. In our modern world of complex technological explosion, could one genius keep up with the kaleidoscope of changes? Will this lone genius be a productive part in a team building environment? …Smart enough to adapt and be productive where the limelight is centered on a collaborative creation?

Are the Sistine Chapel’s artistic endeavors product of lone geniuses’ creations?… Or, is it a masterpiece of social creativity?


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